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Last year, the comic con website recommended that people applying for pro passes also buy their badges in case they don't qualify as a pro. That's what I did last year and planned to also do this year.

I was wondering if anyone knew if I'll be able to buy badges AND apply for a Professional Pass with the same ID number?


what an interesting question.
I haven't a clue sorry to say
have you sent cci an email asking that?

I did. I sent them an e-mail on the 28th. I don't remember how long it usually takes to get a reply. Just want to make sure I have this figured out before the time comes.

Good question, Brian. 

In case no one on here can answer or you don’t hear a reply from CCI, I would sign up for two member ID numbers (one for professional and one for attendee) just to be safe.  That way you know that you are covered.  There appears to be an unlimited number of member IDs, so you would not be taking someone else’s spot and it doesn’t cost you anything.  You might have to create a new email account to do this, but that doesn’t take long. 

Hope this helps!

I thought about that. I just wasn't sure if there was any rule against signing up for more than one ID number. I have a second e-mail so that wouldn't be a problem.


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