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Panels by Room, Friday 10th, 2015
« on: June 25, 2015, 12:33:26 PM »
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DISCLAIMER: Please keep checking the CCI scheduling page for any changes or updates - this schedule is subject to change without notice.


Panels by Room

Hall H   
 10:00am —  11:30am    The 16th Annual Animation Show of Shows
 12:00pm —  1:00pm    AMC's The Walking Dead
  1:00pm —  2:00pm    AMC's Fear the Walking Dead
  2:30pm —  3:30pm    Game of Thrones Panel and Q&A Session
  4:00pm —  5:00pm    Entertainment Weekly: Brave New Warriors
  5:30pm —  6:30pm    Lucasfilm
  7:15pm —  9:00pm    Yoga Hosers

Ballroom 20   
 10:00am —  11:00am    Inside The Big Bang Theory Writer's Room
 11:15am —  12:15pm    Falling Skies:The Final Farewell
 12:30pm —  1:30pm    The 100 Special Video Presentation and Q&A
  1:45pm —  2:45pm    Minority Report
  3:00pm —  4:15pm    Marvel Television Presents
  4:30pm —  5:30pm    The Originals Special Video Presentation and Q&A
  5:45pm —  6:45pm    iZombie Special Video Presentation and Q&A
  7:00pm —  9:00pm    World Premiere of Justice League: Gods & Monsters
  9:00pm —  10:30pm    Encore Screening: Justice League: Gods & Monsters

Grand Ballroom D, Manchester Grand Hyatt   
 10:00am —  11:00am    Comic-Con Film School 102: Production
 11:05am —  11:40am    Adam and Eve Raised Cain
 11:40am —  12:00pm    Pandora's Wake
 12:00pm —  12:20pm    Footprints
 12:20pm —  12:40pm    Thundercluck: Chicken of Thor
 12:40pm —  1:10pm    The Looking Planet
  1:10pm —  1:25pm    Fork and Knife
  1:25pm —  1:50pm    Hitori
  1:50pm —  2:15pm    The Orphan and the Polar Bear
  2:15pm —  2:25pm    Dinosaurs: Terrible Lizards
  2:25pm —  2:40pm    The Uncanny Valley
  2:40pm —  3:10pm    Une Liberation
  3:10pm —  3:25pm    Phoenix
  3:25pm —  4:10pm    The Sun Devil and the Princess
  4:15pm —  5:15pm    Stunt People of Your Favorite Movies a.k.a. Getting Beat Up For A Living
  5:15pm —  5:35pm    Rope a Dope 2
  5:35pm —  6:10pm    White Feather
  6:10pm —  6:35pm    To Dust Return
  6:35pm —  7:05pm    HAG
  7:05pm —  7:35pm    Polaroid
  7:35pm —  8:05pm    The Bridge Partner
  8:05pm —  8:25pm    The Timeshare
  8:25pm —  8:55pm    The Mill at Calder's End
  8:55pm —  10:30pm    All I Need

Horton Grand Theatre   
 12:00pm —  1:00pm    Nerdist Music
  1:30pm —  2:30pm    Tales of Halloween: A First Look at the Ultimate Halloween Event
  3:00pm —  4:00pm    Bizarre States
  4:30pm —  5:30pm    Nerdist Podcast Network Podcast Jam
  6:00pm —  7:00pm    The Visit

Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront   
 10:00am —  11:00am    Cartoon Network's Regular Show and Uncle Grandpa
 11:00am —  12:00pm    Cartoon Network:Adventure Time and Steven Universe
 12:15pm —  1:00pm    Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever and Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell
  2:15pm —  3:00pm    [adult swim]: Mike Tyson Mysteries
  3:15pm —  4:00pm    [adult swim]: Robot Chicken
  4:00pm —  5:00pm    Bob's Burgers
  5:00pm —  6:00pm    Archer
  8:00pm —  10:30pm    Showtime Presents the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards

Neil Morgan Auditorium, San Diego Central Library   
 10:30am —  11:30am    Nobility: These Aren't the Heroes You're Looking For
 11:30am —  12:30pm    Space Command:A Hopeful Future
 12:30pm —  1:30pm    Star Trek: Renegades
  1:30pm —  2:30pm    Star Trek Axanar:From Conception To Feature Film

Room 14A   
 10:00am —  11:00am    Geek Wars: The Nerds Awaken
 11:00am —  12:00pm    Cosplaying 102: Taking It to the Next Level
 12:00pm —  1:00pm    Star Wars Goes Steampunk
  1:00pm —  2:00pm    The Business of Geek Fashion
  2:00pm —  3:00pm    Theatrical/Cosplay Makeup and Lens Demonstration
  3:00pm —  4:00pm    Flourishing Family Cosplay: It's Not Just for Halloween
  4:00pm —  5:00pm    Men of Cosplay
  5:00pm —  6:00pm    The Power of Superfandom
  6:00pm —  7:00pm    Simpsons Collectors Group
  7:00pm —  8:00pm    The Sneaky Tiki Freaky Geeky Ukulele Play and Sing-Along
  8:00pm —  9:00pm    Over30Cosplay: Cosplay for Every Age

Room 2   
 10:00am —  11:00am    Comic-Con How-To: Drawing with Ed McGuinness
 11:00am —  12:30pm    Workshop with Chip Kidd and Michael Cho
 12:30pm —  1:30pm    Workshop with Steve Lieber
  1:15pm —  2:00pm    [adult swim]: Rick and Morty
  1:30pm —  3:00pm    Comic-Con How-To: Color Copic Markers with Allison Sohn
  3:00pm —  4:30pm    How to Crowdfund
  5:00pm —  6:30pm    Dynamic Marker Rendering: Bringing Your Drawing to Life

Room 23ABC   
 10:00am —  11:00am    Behind the Music: SyFy Thrills and Chills
 11:00am —  12:00pm    Image Comics: Where Creators Own Process
 12:00pm —  1:00pm    Behind the Scenes: Making Comics
  1:00pm —  2:00pm    Technology as a Costume Tool
  2:00pm —  3:00pm    The Science Behind H. P. Lovecraft's Epic Tale 'At the Mountain of Madness'
  3:00pm —  4:00pm    VIZ Media: Ultraman
  4:00pm —  5:00pm    Bill Plympton
  5:00pm —  6:00pm    Pixies, Lovecraft, Poe, and Steampunk: An Unlikely Animation Slate
  6:00pm —  7:00pm    Media and Tie-In Writers 9th Annual Scribe Awards
  7:00pm —  8:00pm    The Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum and Star Trek Bridge Restoration
  8:00pm —  9:00pm    Nerdist News
  9:00pm —  10:00pm    Nerdist Science

Room 24ABC   
 10:30am —  11:30am    Writing for TV: From First Draft to Getting Staffed
 11:30am —  12:30pm    Science Fiction and Sex
 12:30pm —  1:30pm    GRAPHIX: The Beginning, Present, and Beyond
  1:30pm —  2:30pm    Disney Animators: The Power of 2D
  2:30pm —  3:30pm    Lost in Space: 50th Anniversary
  3:30pm —  4:30pm    Papercutz 10th Anniversary
  4:30pm —  5:30pm    Ask an Agent
  5:30pm —  6:30pm    FUNimation: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'
  6:30pm —  7:30pm    Going Back in Time: A Discussion and Q&A with the Filmmakers Behind the Back to the Future Feature Documentary
  7:30pm —  8:30pm    An Inside Look at Shout! Factory, Shout! Kids, and Scream Factory
  8:30pm —  9:30pm    Is It Steampunk?

Room 25ABC   
 10:00am —  11:00am    Nickelodeon and Dark Horse Comics: Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra
 11:00am —  12:00pm    Warner Archive Collection's Atom Ant Animation Spectacular!
 12:00pm —  1:00pm    Mattel Collector: MattyPalooza!
  1:00pm —  2:00pm    BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Fighting Games 2015
  2:00pm —  3:00pm    Ghostbusters: Sony, IDW and Cryptozoic Entertainment
  3:00pm —  4:00pm    How Comic Books Took Over Hollywood
  4:00pm —  5:00pm    What's Next for Tolkien Fans
  5:00pm —  6:00pm    Science Fiction That Will Change Your Life
  6:00pm —  7:00pm    Marvel Heroes 2015: More Amazing, Incredible, and Invincible Than Ever!
  7:00pm —  8:00pm    What the Big Two Don't Want You to Know
  8:00pm —  9:00pm    She Made Me Do It: FanGirls Lead the Way

Room 26AB   
 10:30am —  11:30am    Comics Arts Conference #5: The Comic Book Film Adaptation: Exploring Modern Hollywood's Leading Genre
 11:30am —  1:00pm    Comics Arts Conference #6: The Scientific Study of Comics' Visual Language
  1:00pm —  2:00pm    Comics Arts Conference #7: Cracking Peanuts
  2:00pm —  3:30pm    Comics Arts Conference #8: Robin, Joker, and Catwoman at 75: How the Kid, the Clown, and the Cat Changed Comics and Culture
  3:30pm —  4:30pm    You Do What!? Women Working in Film Production
  4:30pm —  5:30pm    Beyond Fashion: Creating Kickass Action Figures for Girls
  5:30pm —  6:30pm    Famous Monsters of Filmland: Stake of the Union 2015
  6:30pm —  7:30pm    Building the Modern (Super)Heroine
  7:30pm —  8:30pm    Showcasing the Best in Korean Comics
  8:30pm —  9:30pm    Christian Comic Arts Society Mixer

Room 28DE   
10:00am —  11:00am    21st-Century Creators
 11:00am —  12:00pm    Will Eisner: Champion of the Graphic Novel
 12:00pm —  1:00pm    Space Goat Time Machine: A Sneak Peek into the Publisher's Future
  1:00pm —  2:00pm    Hopey, Julio, Skim, Oafs, and Beyond
  2:00pm —  3:00pm    Diversity and Queer Gaming
  3:00pm —  4:00pm    The Terry Moore Panel
  4:00pm —  5:00pm    So You Want to Be a Comics Retailer?
  5:00pm —  6:00pm    ASIFA: Hollywood The State of the Industry
  6:00pm —  7:00pm    Queer Representation in All-Ages and Youth Media
  7:00pm —  8:00pm    The Gay Agenda in Horror: Terrifying Subtext

Room 29AB   
 10:00am —  11:00am    Spotlight on Luis Royo
 11:00am —  12:00pm    Publishers Weekly: The French Comics Invasion
 12:00pm —  1:00pm    Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge
  1:00pm —  2:00pm    From Novel to Comic to Film: Turning Books into Other Forms of Pop Culture
  2:00pm —  3:00pm    Scott C and The Great Showdowns: Super Happy Hollywood
  3:00pm —  4:00pm    Creating Multiplayer Worlds: Storytelling in MMOs and MOBAs
  4:00pm —  5:00pm    Spotlight on Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki
  5:00pm —  6:00pm    In Your Own Time: Webcomics on Your Own Schedule
  6:00pm —  7:00pm    The Future of Mexican Animation in the U.S.
  7:00pm —  8:00pm    Action Figure Insider Presents: Women in Toys
  8:00pm —  9:00pm    The Aquabats Super Show! What Happens Next?!

Room 30CDE   
 10:30am —  12:00pm    Comic Book Law School 202: Selling the Sizzle
 12:00pm —  1:00pm    CBLDF: Banned Comics
  1:00pm —  2:00pm    CBLDF: Comics and The Real World: Using Graphic Novels as Tools of Tolerance
  2:00pm —  3:00pm    Painting and Drawing Workshop with Jeffrey Watts and Erik Gist
  3:00pm —  4:00pm    Breaking into Comics and Staying In
  4:00pm —  5:00pm    Creating Comics with the iPad
  5:00pm —  6:00pm    Make Your Mark with Prismacolor
  6:00pm —  7:00pm    Adobe Photoshop Insights from the Photoshop Team and Pros
  7:00pm —  8:00pm    Figure Drawing for Popular Media
  8:00pm —  9:00pm    Kill All the Adverbs: Essentials for Writing with Energy

Room 32AB   
 10:00am —  11:00am    Romantic Adventure
 11:00am —  12:00pm    Something Old, Something New! (or, The Revenge of Classic Comic Collections Panel)
 12:00pm —  1:00pm    Top Shelf Productions: Live!
  1:00pm —  2:00pm    Blue Marble Games: Improving Health-Care Outcomes, One Player at a Time
  2:00pm —  3:00pm    Designing and Constructing a Digital Composition for Covers
  3:00pm —  4:00pm    Spotlight on Katie Cook
  4:00pm —  5:00pm    Just What Does an Editor Do?
  5:00pm —  6:00pm    The World of Mouse Guard: 10th Anniversary
  6:00pm —  7:00pm    The Writer's Journey: Breaking into Comics and Hollywood Scriptwriting
  7:00pm —  8:00pm    Insights for Independent Creators
  8:00pm —  9:00pm    This Looks Like a Job For . . .

Room 4   
 10:00am —  11:00am    Push Boundaries Forward: Gender, Diversity, and Representation in Comic Books
 11:00am —  12:00pm    Sci-Fi Comics Theater: Dave Roman and Tom Angleberger
 12:00pm —  1:00pm    Spotlight on Jackson 'Butch' Guice
  1:00pm —  2:00pm    Archie Forever
  2:00pm —  3:00pm    Dynamite's Spirit Panel Featuring Eisner Award-Winning New Series Writer Matt Wagner!
  3:00pm —  4:00pm    Spotlight on Bob Layton
  4:00pm —  5:00pm    IDW: The Best Panel in Recorded History
  5:00pm —  6:00pm    Manga Publishing Industry Roundtable
  6:00pm —  7:00pm    Spotlight on Jerry Beck
  7:00pm —  8:00pm    Project Orangutan: A Comic with a Cause
  8:00pm —  9:00pm    Be a Financial Superhero Even If You Aren't Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne

Room 5AB   
 10:00am —  11:30am    The Black Panel
 11:30am —  12:30pm    Masters of the Web: The World of Movie Talk Online
 12:30pm —  1:30pm    Push Stories Forward: Rise of the Independents
  1:30pm —  2:30pm    Get Your Comic Published in Japan: Silent Manga Audition
  2:30pm —  3:30pm    Disney XD's Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero and Star vs. The Forces of Evil
  3:30pm —  4:30pm    The World of Albion: The History and Future of the Groundbreaking Fable Series
  4:30pm —  5:30pm    MTV's Scream
  5:30pm —  6:30pm    New DC Universe: The Bad Guys: Are You Ready?
  6:30pm —  7:30pm    Reinventing Horror for Comics and Film
  7:30pm —  8:30pm    Your Opinion Sucks!: Rotten Tomatoes Critics vs. Fans
  8:30pm —  10:00pm    ScreenJunkies: Honest Trailers and Movie Fights Live

Room 6A   
 10:30am —  11:30am    My Little Pony
 11:45am —  12:45pm    Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  1:00pm —  2:00pm    Teen Titans Go! Video Presentation and Q&A
  2:15pm —  3:15pm    Amazon: The Man in the High Castle
  3:30pm —  4:30pm    History's Vikings
  6:00pm —  7:00pm    Starz: Ash vs. Evil Dead
  7:15pm —  8:15pm    Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!
  8:30pm —  9:30pm    Klingon Lifestyles

Room 6BCF   
  9:30pm —  11:30pm    Spike & Mike's Festival of Animation/Spike & Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation
 10:15am —  11:15am    Hunt for the Truth: Following the Trail of the Halo 5: Guardians Story
 11:30am —  12:30pm    Lucifer Pilot Screening and Q&A
 12:45pm —  1:45pm    Marvel: All-New All-Different Avengers
  2:00pm —  3:00pm    Assassin's Creed Syndicate: It's Time for a Bloody Ruckus
  3:15pm —  4:15pm    How to Get a Job in Video Games
  4:30pm —  5:30pm    Colony: USA Network Series
  5:45pm —  6:45pm    Orphan Black: BBC America Official Panel
  7:00pm —  8:00pm    Kung Fury: The Best Movie of All Time
  8:15pm —  9:15pm    Worst Cartoons Ever

Room 6DE   
 10:00am —  11:00am    Marvel: Secret Wars
 11:15am —  12:15pm    DC Entertainment: One-on-One with Geoff Johns
 12:30pm —  1:30pm    MTV's The Shannara Chronicles
  1:45pm —  2:45pm    New DC Universe: Superman: Are You Ready?
  3:00pm —  4:00pm    New DC Universe: Justice For All: Are You Ready?
  4:15pm —  5:15pm    DC Entertainment: From Page to Screen
  5:30pm —  6:30pm    Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
  6:45pm —  7:45pm    Firefly Online: Return of the Browncoats
  8:00pm —  9:00pm    Mega64 Cinematic Universe Panel Phase 64 Teaser

Room 7AB   
 10:00am —  11:00am    Star Wars Publishing 2015: Part 1
 11:00am —  12:00pm    Star Wars Publishing Update: Part 2
 12:00pm —  1:00pm    Hasbro:Star Wars
  1:00pm —  2:00pm    Star Wars:Collectibles Update with Lucasfilm's Anita Castellar
  2:00pm —  3:00pm    ILM 40th Anniversary
  3:00pm —  4:00pm    Rise of Aqua(wo)man
  4:00pm —  5:00pm    From Console to Comics: The Art of Video Games
  5:00pm —  6:00pm    More Greatest Movies Never Made: The Sequel
  6:00pm —  7:00pm    How Ultimate Marvel Changed Everything
  7:00pm —  8:00pm    Starship Smackdown: The Geekspert's Court 007: Bond vs. Bond
  8:00pm —  9:00pm    Cartoon Network's Clarence and Friends Pajama Party

Room 8   
 10:30am —  11:30am    Edgar Rice Burroughs's Worlds of Adventure
 11:30am —  12:30pm    75th Anniversary of The Shadow and Doc Savage
 12:30pm —  1:30pm    Twisted Roots of the Comics Industry
  1:30pm —  2:30pm    Women of Transformers
  2:30pm —  3:30pm    Secret Origins: How the Industry's Best and Brightest Began
  3:30pm —  4:30pm    Creative Storytelling: Choose Your Own Adventure
  4:30pm —  5:30pm    The Synergy of Film and Video Games Collide
  5:30pm —  6:30pm    Care Bears and Madballs: A Look Back and A Look Ahead
  6:30pm —  7:30pm    Creative Communities and the Scenius of Comics
  7:30pm —  8:30pm    Beauty in the Beast
  8:30pm —  9:30pm    Surviving Conventions as an Indie Creator

Room 9   
 10:00am —  11:00am    Spotlight on Scott McCloud
 11:00am —  12:00pm    The Official Aspen Comics Panel 2015
 12:00pm —  1:00pm    Hermes Press: A Celebration of Women Artists in Comics During WWII
  1:00pm —  2:00pm    Comic Strips in the Modern Era
  2:00pm —  3:00pm    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Toys and Action Figures
  3:00pm —  4:00pm    Spotlight on Matt Phelan
  4:00pm —  5:00pm    Spotlight on Michael DeForge
  5:00pm —  6:00pm    Spotlight on Asaf Hanuka and Boaz Lavie
  6:00pm —  7:00pm    A Comics Life for Me: The Road from Fan to Pro
  7:00pm —  8:00pm    What's Up with Penguin
  8:00pm —  9:00pm    Welcome to Night Vale: The Novel

The Playback Room, Omni Hotel, 4th Floor Ballroom   
  9:15pm —  10:45pm    Hall H and Ballroom 20 Friday Playback Free Play
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