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here's a place to post random deals

starbuck is having a b1g1 thursday the 12th after 3pm

   when you buy a handcrafted espresso beverage or Frappuccino blended beverage, size grande or larger.    
starting at 3 p.m.

if you're a student or teacher the NYTimes is offering you a subscription for a dollar a week.

I just went through the process & was approved despite the fact i'm attending a continuing ed department. Here's the link
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Forum Housekeeping:

Adding "Random Deals/Sales" to the title to help clarify the thread's main topic and purpose.

Hopefully, more people will post a deal or flash sale of the day that they come across.


while it's not particularly geeky.... folks do like their coffee [member=1060]DRWHO42[/member]

OK people I was waiting on Black Friday to upgrade my phone. Costco just leaked their BF Ad. In it they are advertising the Samsung S10 for $429.99 with the stipulation of 'requires activation on device payment'

now a lot of time you need to activate a new line for these deals which is why I was holding off cause the savings is eaten by having to have a new line of service that costs $20 a month and you need to keep that line for $24 months. However this just says device activation and not device activation on a new line or new line required, or anything similar to that. So do you think I am interpreting it correctly that the phone is $429.99 and there is a one time fee for them to activate the phone or do you think it will require a new line?

Given that this is Black Friday I am thinking just the one time activation fee


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