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Apart from the artists below listed on the CCI website, anyone have a head's up on artists that are confirmed for CC? Always bummed that Artist's Alley/Exhibitor lists aren't posted until just a couple weeks before the event.

Would like as much time ahead as possible to line up my batch of comics and save up $$ for sketches!

* Sergio Aragonés
* Tom Batiuk
* Jon Bogdanove
* Frank Brunner
* Denys B.Cowan
* Jeromy Cox
* Jose Delbo
* Gary Frank
* Russ Heath
* Adam Hughes
* Georges Jeanty
* Dan Jurgens
* Sam Kieth
* Jim Lee
* Val Mayerik
* Dave McKean
* Terry Moore
* Mike Norton
* Jerry Ordway
* Dan Parent
* George Pérez
* Fred Perry
* Wendy and Richard Pini
* John Romita Jr.
* Chris Samnee
* Scott Shaw
* Jeff Smith
* Romeo Tanghal Sr.
* Bruce Timm
* J. H. Williams III

Amy Mebberson Tweeted about taking commissions for SDCC.

Joel Gomez @J0ELG
Otis Frampton @otisframpton

Are we focusing only on AA? Or any artist who will be there?  If its the former, I'm pretty sure they list out the AA earlier than a couple of weeks before the con.  If its the latter, there will be hundreds of names to parse through, but we can try to keep them all organized.  So here goes my attempts.

Besides Mebberson, Andy Price, Katie Cook and Tony Fleecs (All MLP comic artists) have stated they will be there.

James Silvani (Darkwing Duck) is also taking commissions.

When I get home, I will provide links to their confirmations (I recommend going forward that be done so if anyone is interested, they can contact artists to do pre-convention sketch orders).  There are also dozens of artists I can think of the top of my head who will likely be there, although I have no proof (most big named DC and Marvel artists usually show up as well as perennials like Stan Sakai (Usagi Yojimbo), Greg Evans (Luann), etc).

Edit:  Here's Andy Price: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
Katie Price: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login  (Has Comic Con listed as one of her upcoming cons)
Tony Fleecs: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
James Silvani: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Bert Su:
I have no doubt Livio Ramodelli will show up.


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