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How'd you pick your avatar?

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In the same vein as "What was your forum username inspired by?", we have "How'd you pick your avatar?"!

Me, even though I like the movies, video games, TV shows and all that, I got started on this roller coaster ride with comic books.  Growing up, the staples of my reading pleasure for the week were Marvel, DC, Epic, Valiant, and a few others, but the bulk of my reading came from the Marvel side.  It's kinda hard not to empathize with Peter Parker when you're growing up geek as well, ya know?  Anyways, the Captain America avatar I have is the photo of the distressed t-shirt that I own, and it's made out of that really thin, comfortable cotton.  Got it 2 SDCC's ago, and will be wearing it again at this year's.  Then again, who won't be wearing something of the like that week?

Let's hear it folks!  How'd you get yours?

- M

It was from SDCC 2012. Resident Evil was doing a thing where you tweeted a pic of yourself with one of the body parts wrapped up, and you kept the body part and got a t-shirt. They were walking around the Gaslamp doing it.

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Mine is a drawing of me in costume that was done by Yos**taka Amano at SDCC a few years ago.

Mine is me with one of my favorite cosplays from last year-the cassette tape of Summertime from the "That's My Jam" episode of Regular Show (we were in line for the Regular Show panel at the time). That cosplay really made me smile. It was one of my favorite moments from last year, so I figured it would make a great avatar for this forum.

Mine is a freeze frame from a time I was on TV. I picked b/c at the time I set up my profile I was on a computer with very few pics of me on it. This is my reminder that it sucks as an avatar and I need to change it!


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