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How to Upload a Photo or Image as Your Forum Avatar


(directly from your desktop)

1. Find the image or photo you want to use.

2. If it's a photo of yourself and it looks horizontal when you upload it to the forums, you'll have to go to your desktop (wherever the photo is located), and do a little editing:

    a. Open the original photo in an image-editing program.
    b. Rotate it right or left to make sure it's saved in the correct orientation or position.
    c. Save the photo.

3. Go to "Profile" at the top of the forum navigation bar.

4. Click on "Forum Profile" on the left-hand menu links.

5. Click "Upload an avatar."

6. Click "Browse" and select the edited photo.

7. Scroll down to click on "Change profile."

8. Ta-da!  Your avatar photo or image should be in the correct vertical orientation.

Alternate Method
You can also upload your photo or image onto an online photo gallery like Photobucket, imageshack, etc.

Select the "Specify avatar by URL" setting in your "Forum Profile" section.

Copy the image URL address from the photo gallery website and paste it into the box provided. 

Save your settings by clicking on "Change profile" at the bottom of the page.

Hope this helps!  ^__^d

If you have any questions or need additional help, please post them in this thread.  Thank you!


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