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I saw on the official cci facebook page that Volunteer applications have already opened up? I didn't receive that email, but I recieved the announcement of the badge sale on the 16th. Has anyone else had that problem? My husband didnt receive it either, neither of us opted out of emails(and yes I've checked both of our spam boxes)

Have you volunteered in the past for the show? That's who got the email, previous volunteers. New volunteers will have their day soon, but repeats get first shot.

Ah yes that makes sense why I didn't get the email, as I am a first timer for all of this :) I won't fret then!  :D

We'll keep you in the loop for when volunteer registration opens, don't you fret none!   :D

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginWe'll keep you in the loop for when volunteer registration opens, don't you fret none!   :D

--- End quote ---

Thank you :) In general, how long after preapproved volunteer aps go out does it take for first time volunteers?

Also, do you think its possible the husband and I would both be picked or is that a gamble?

oh and one more, with those apps do they ask for experience with volunteering for other events or crowd control things? I have experience volunteering for warped tour and i did parade control at disney world...but i dont know if that would help my chances lol. i can hope right?


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