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The hotels will get last minute cancellations, but the rooms will be sold at full con pricing ($500+ per night) if you are trying through their website or a booking company like hotels.com etc. You have to be pretty lucky to get them at this point. I'd imagine they show up for a bit and then get sniped. More expensive rooms are available at certain hotels

Hilton bayfront = $800 a night
Marriot Gaslamp = $900 a night
etc etc.

If you wanted a gaslamp hotel, id look on craigslist/facebook/twitter. Lots of desperate people trying to get rid of hotels they cannot get a refund for, but are unable to go.
Or just stay further away and take a cab/trolley/bus/drive each morning.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginCheck out the Travel Planners site. They might still have some Mission Valley Shuttle hotels still available.

--- End quote ---

From the looks of it, everything is gone. I guess I'll just be on the lookout in case anything comes up.

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Transmute Jun:
Sorry to hear that. I just looked at Hotels.com and they had some stuff in the $300-$400 per night price range, plus the Hyatt for $700.

Yeah, I just did some googling and found hilton had hotels near the airport at $350 a night.
You can get the residence inn gaslamp at $650 a night.

I'm surprised so much is available, and some at great prices, this close to the con.

Try the roommate thread:

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