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2013 Official Hotel Give/Trade Thread

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Looking for a room?
I wont be able to go and I have a room available. Its a 2 bed in a double tree hotel for $860. 5 miles away from comic con
dates 7/17 till 7/21
Cash only and exchange must be in person.
(Ventura county)
for more information call or text Nelly at (805)258-3387

Con Exhibitors, we reserved an extra room last year thinking we would need it but we actually don't and it's too late to cancel it. Hilton Bayfront, wanna get rid of it at face value $295 per night, must be able to put down your own credit card for incidentals. We can accept cash or charge for the room cost already charged to our card. Room is reserved Wed-Sunday checkout.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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