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Reports & check ins in the age of Covid

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I've started a check in thread with my family, as I'm sure many of u have.
It occurred to me, we might also benefit from a 'check in' and reports from different parts of the country.

please check in if you start to feel bad, have any local stuff to report, like if you go out how is the social distancing working? are people complying?
how is traffic comparatively (it's usually XXX, now it's YYYY for example)

I need to go out today for pet food and milk. I will report on life in the Mission Valley area of San Diego ;)

Thanks for starting this thread

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Colorado Springs seems to be business as usual.

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Insider is telling me probable grounding of domestic air coming as soon as Wednesday.

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there's also this site for SD
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i'm also hearing the National Guard is being called up. I can only assume to enforce the social distancing. I don't know if that's only the Cali guard or nationwide. i assume the new york state is in the same mind set


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