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i'm a little hopeful we'll have enough vaccine to hold a modified sdcc

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Logini'm a little hopeful we'll have enough vaccine to hold a modified sdcc

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I agree.  Given how 'conservative' Newsome is handling reopening guidelines, I think it's unlikely WonderCon will happen in late March.  I do think there's a decent chance, maybe 50/50 or slightly better, Comic-Con will be able to happen.
Anaheim/Orange County is a bit...interesting...of a community when its come to the pandemic, so I have no doubts they'll try their damnedest to push WonderCon through, but I think in the end it's more likely Newsome won't let large indoor gatherings like that open by then, short of a MAJOR change (which, OC has been doing poorly for most of the pandemic as a community that doesn't seem that interested in mask ordinances and whatnot).  OC would have to be in the 'yellow' tier.  To reach the tier, the county must have less than one daily new case per 100,000 population and a seven-day average of less than 2% positive coronavirus tests; in that event Disneyland could open at only 25% capacity max.

Obviously, those guidelines could change in 3 months (they've changed in the previous 3 months IIRC), and who knows what things will look like 1) with a new POTUS Administration 2) with a vaccine starting to get into circulation.

But my gut tells me WonderCon likely won't happen in March, though SDCCI has a decent shot of happening in July (or maybe August: maybe CCI pushes CCI back a few weeks if it looks like more vaccines will be in circulation in early August? I dunno - I'm just spitballing)

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There being vaccines is only half the solution.  Vaccines don't save lives, vaccinations do.  How many people will take the vaccine?  There are numerous challenges.  Traditionally, with voluntary vaccines like the flu vaccine, only half the population will elect to get it.  Covid also has the headwind that it's been politicized.  A significant portion of the population don't wear masks since they think it's a hoax.  Why would they get a jab in the arm for a hoax?  There's also the traditional anti-vaxxers let alone the no GMO people.  If someone isn't willing to eat GMO food, are they willing to get a GMO injection?

We need a highly effective vaccine and high compliance rate to control covid.  Measles is a good analogy.  I think that covid is second only to the measles in terms of how contagious it is.  We have vaccines that match the measles vaccine, 95% effective.  Now we need a measles like vaccination rate, 90%.  When it falls below that, there are measles outbreaks.  To get that 90% rate, measles vaccination is mandatory.  It's required.  Will we get that with covid?

Another unknown is whether the vaccines prevent infection and thus reduces spread.  That's an unknown.  The results deliberately only claim to prevent serious illness, not prevent infection.  The jury is still out on that.  If they don't and turn everyone into asymptomatic spreaders then that's another consideration.

The good news is the Oxford vaccine.  That has a variety of advantages over the others.  It's easy to make, it's easy to transport, it's easy to store and it's cheap.  It's 10% the cost of the other vaccines.  It's something that can be in every pharmacy's fridge like flu vaccines.  Paying for and administering the other 2 would be prohibitive in much of the world.

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--- Quote ---Today's rate of new #COVIDー19 cases remains very high but a stabilization trend and some hospitalization improvements continue.

We just don't know if this is the plateau or the calm before the post-holiday storm.

Keep fighting COVID in all you do.

#Anaheim #coronavirus #OC

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I was thinking it was weird that WonderCon hadn't been cancelled/postponed as of yet given it's not that far away, but it looks like last year they waited until 1 month before the show to indefinitely postpone. If the same holds true, they still have a month a half to make the call I guess.

Can't imagine a lot of people have any sort of confidence that will actually happen in March though given where California currently stands.


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