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I think it is an interesting idea. Certainly, it is probably something they might be considering. However, I agree with sentiments that the logistics would be a pretty daunting task. SDCC seems to count very heavily on volunteers. I assume many are local to SD. if it is something they seriously want to do, they would probably have to start getting word out months in advance.

LOL Now I'm thinking about people starting rumors around one city or another and then there's suddenly a surge of hotel and flight reservations. And then the rumor gets debunked and there's a surge of cancellations. It could get pretty crazy. I think a lot of people are ready to get back to cons and many are assuming they can get a vaccine by summer. So, while demand may be down, SDCC always had more demand than they could accommodate anyways.

Something to think about.

I admit, the thought of looking at hotels in Orlando did fly through my brain...Sigh... I kind of miss hotelpocalypse...sorta.

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Personally I doubt they'd move to another city.  SD or virtual.  At least we have hope!

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginThis feels like it might be more than just another virtual event. I know, we're all supposed to be excited for the virtual events, but having been to 4 last year, they were just blah (except the gaming online cons... but that's a totally different situation). But it suddenly occurred to me...

What if CCI is trying to plan SDCC... out of state?

It's not entirely without precedent. Remember the WonderCon in LA, because Anaheim wasn't playing ball? What if CCI is trying to set up a one-time Comic Con in Las Vegas... or Orlando? Places where the state is not nearly so restrictive and is more receptive to a mass gathering.

This is 100% speculation... so feel free to tear apart my idea or present one of your own. What do you think CCI is planning right now for SDCC 2021?

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I don't think SDCC will ever leave San Diego.  Wondercon is a smaller show.  Also, SDCC has a squeaky clean image.  Moving the con to another state to dodge covid restrictions would damage that image.  If they were going to do that, why not hold it in a country that's covid free?  A one time international comic-con.  It is CCI after all.

Personally I don't read too much into them marshaling for comic-con.  I'm sure they were marshaling for wondercon until they weren't.  A big show like comic-con doesn't spin up overnight.  If a real comic-con was going to happen, the gears would already be in motion.  You do bring up a interesting point.  Maybe something scaled back physically complimenting a virtual con.  CCM is still slated to open this year.  Maybe it could be combined with that.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginIf they announce it's a go, I'll be there...even if I have to wear a hazmat suit.   :)

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No need for that, masks alone offer 96% protection as do face shields.  Although, I did restock on bunny suits recently.  They were on sale.  Better to have a bunny suit and not need it then need it and not have it.

Good theory. So potential alternative states would be Nevada or Arizona? It might be a lot less comfortable hosting the con in the hotter states in late July but they don't necessarily have to hold it late July, they could delay it to the fall where it can be less hot. Delaying it would also be safer since more people will be vaccinated. I would prefer an alternative site be in Nevada or Arizona than Florida since it's closer to their home base of San Diego and moving Comic Con to a new city temporarily doesn't mean it will stay in that city forever.

I'm glad that the SDCC organizers are looking at this realistically if they're considering holding SDCC in another city this year. With how stringent the CA government is being and how large the CA covid numbers are, I don't see how we'll have a convention anytime this year in CA. I'd rather see a Comic Con this year in a different city than no Comic Con at all.


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