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Good places to eat in anaheim

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La brea just did a remodel. It's a nice small place to grab a bite. They make all their breads fresh. Napeols is kind of hit or miss on the service and quality of the food. Any of the restaurants in the Disney hotels will be great, but just remember it's Disney so you'll be paying a little extra. Each place is different you just need to pick what you want to eat. American, Mexican, Cajun, or Italian. 

Any place with "diet-ish" food? I will probably be in diet mode at Wonder Con.

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Jamba Juice. Rest assured the places have salads and diet-ish dishes.  I think if you stay away from the con hot dogs and nachos you should be good.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginAny place with "diet-ish" food? I will probably be in diet mode at Wonder Con.

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it's socal. there will be plenty of diet options... :D

Those of you that will be traveling from out of town to WC post or message me what type of food you are looking for or things you want to do (nearest movie theater, other cool things to do besides disneyland, or shopping malls to send the half too while you attend the con).


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