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Good places to eat in anaheim

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They are. When they are fresh they taste mmmmmmmm. Just don't think about how bad they are for you when your face is covered in powder sugar and your fingers are coated in grease.

My bad I forgot downtown Disney also has a rainforest cafe. The closest Starbucks to the con is going to be in hotel next to the con.

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It sounds like you pretty much have the list covered, Yrzfan!

I grew up and still live in Southern California. Been going to Disneyland since is was a kid, so know my way around a little.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginAt the request of others, here's the thread on good places to eat next to the Anaheim convention center (walking/ short taxi drive). Sounds like most will be staying close to the convention center/Disneyland. In downtime Disney you have the house of blues, espnzone, Catel, tortilla joes, Naples, jazz kitchen, and Earl of sandwich. In the garden walk, east of the con and about 5 minutes walking you have Cheesecake Factory, PF changs, McCormick Schmidt and bubba gump shrimp and some other places. South on harbor boulevard you have a red Robbin,  Joe's Crab Shack,Morton's, and other places. Ill post more places when I can remember or next time I'm up there taking the kids to Disneyland.

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I really enjoy Napoles.  The restaurant is nice, and they have a next door carry-out place where you can get a panino or a slice on the go (for fairly inexpensive).  We go there often on our Disney trips (my family as Annual Passes so we come up from San Diego a few times a month).
There's also a great bakery at the end of Downtown Disney that is closest to the security checkpoint to get into the parks called La Brea Bakery.  They have good breakfast sandwiches & panini.  Another restaurant in Downtown Disney is the Rainforest Cafe: it's close to the far end of Downtown Disney, near the monorail.

There is a great restaurant inside the Disneyland Hotel called the 55 Steakhouse.  It's hardly ever crowded (right next to Goofy's Kitchen, a good character breakfast if you want to take the youngins and get the Disney experience) and has great food.  It's a little pricy, but it's yummy.

Here's the website for Downtown Disney dining: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

In Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel, there's a restaurant called PCH Grill that has some good pizza.  They also have a character breakfast.

sorry: I didn't see you added Rainforest Cafe later in the thread.


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