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Hi everyone! This is my first time going to SDCC and San Diego in general, flying in from New Jersey. I tried to find plane tickets and hotels today and got confused in terms of the areas of San Diego (like Mission Valley, Downtown). Basically, I was wondering what's a close area near the convention center or close enough by car or something? Or would it just be better to wait until Comic Con opens up the hotel offers and choose from there?

Any advice is helpful!

Transmute Jun:
It is confusing. Anything that says 'Gaslamp' is walkable to the convention center, but some areas are definitely closer than others. Basically the convention center is on the water on one end of the downtown/gaslamp district.

If you want to know where a place is located, google it and click on the map. Then click on directions, and get walking directions to the convention center. That will give you a good idea of distance.

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Well, the convention center is in Downtown, near what is known as the "Gaslamp Quarter."  The Gaslamp Quarter is actually right across the street from it, if you're facing Harbor Drive.

I made an UNOFFICIAL hotel location reference guide to help figure out how far away certain hotels are--you can Google the name of the hotel for the actual address.  I based this off of the SDCCI 2011 "Quick Guide" pdf, so the graphic quality isn't as good as I'd like it to be.  (I made them really quickly with MS Paint.) Otherwise, I think it'll serve its general purpose as a reference map. ^_^;

Unofficial Hotel Location Reference Map: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Uploaded a side-by-side, single image version of the map and legend. Yay for Photoshop, ha ha.

Hope that helps!

Transmute Jun:
That's a great map!

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginThat's a great map!

--- End quote ---
Thank you! ^_^ (Now that I have Photoshop again, I'm all up for making helpful graphics, ha ha.)

I'm glad it's useful.  I'm surprised Comic-Con doesn't do this on their website as soon as the hotel info is released--I bet it would save a lot of questions on their Facebook page. *laughs*


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