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Hello everyone, first year going to Comic-Con and I'm looking for some input. I'm pretty terrible at crafting and don't know any seamstresses, anyone have some suggestions for good places to get a quality costume? Been searching around, but almost everything that comes up in search engines is what you find in those crazy, only open for a month around Halloween, stores. Any ideas?

That really depends on what you have in mind.  Most people make their own or pay someone to make it.  Most people don't wear those costumes from the Halloween stores because they are overpriced and poor quality.

Try the Superhero Costuming Forum or

Friends of Comic Cons:
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That was my thought too, thanks for the suggestions. I'll definitely check them out!

Transmute Jun:
I'm in the same position you are. I have no sewing talent whatsoever. There are a couple of options.

One possibility is to create a costume that doesn't need much 'sewing'. For example, I created a Mario costume for a friend by purchasing a red turtleneck, denim overalls and white gloves. We painted a mustache on his face and bought him a Mario hat (available at many stores). You can make many costumes by 'assembling' the individual pieces in this manner.

Another possibility, if you want a costume that has 'unique' clothing involved, is to try Etsy. You'd be amazed how many great tailors/seamstresses there are there who will often custom make garments for you. I've used Etsy a few times and always been happy with my purchases. However make sure to read a sellers reviews/check their ratings before buying. I got my son a Ben 10 costume this way. I purchased a black t-shirt and blue jeans off the rack, and he already had a toy omnitrix. I got a great jacket custom made for him on Etsy. I know I've seen people on EBay selling them too.

Another possibility is a site like cosplaysky. They have a great selection of custom costumes, including a lot of Star Wars costumes. Since there is an entire Star Wars day (Friday, I think?) this is a great source for costumes.

I've been wearing costumes to Comic Con for a few years now. My advice is to start with something 'small' and see how you like it as you wear it around the Con. Then you can tweak it/add to it next year.


Do you know what you want to be? I'm the opposite, I'm one that pieces my costume together. But if you need help finding pieces, I seem to have a lot of luck with it. :)


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