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first time going to comic-con. Any group need a japanese guy?


I dunno what I should dress as since I have only been to AX.
I am into american series over anime since I prefer wearing my outfit for more than one event
I have dressed as rios from army of two, ghost from modern warfare 2, and an NCR trooper from Fallout: New vegas
I am willing to try something new, or if you are interested I can go with the themes I mentioned above
If anyone needs asian flare in the group, feel free to notify me asap.

Hello there!

I'm also a long ranger (first time at SDCC) looking for others cosplaying in the same series, but I doubt I'm alone in this one.

You can post your cosplays or genre here: (broken links)  and browse the posts by others so that you can find a group to join!

Friends of Comic Cons:
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