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What are my chances of getting a decent hotel/place to stay in May?

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Provided I miss out on tomorrows sale, I don't think I can afford to pay for a hotel upfront until Mid-May, what are my chances of getting a reasonably close hotel?

depends on what you mean by reasonably close and how much you want to spend. Seems highly unlikely that any hotel within walking distance will have much availability. You may be able to get supply on some of the more expensive rooms that aren't on the con rate.

BUT you might be able to get a hotel on a shuttle route, if you consider that close. Particularly at Hotel Circle. There are probably a lot of folks like me who are holding reservations at hotels farther out now, but will cancel them in April if they get a hotel close in. That should mean some availability in May.

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you know, i seem to remember a bunch of 'room/condo mate'  posts on the FB page last year closer to the con.

in other words, Trust that they're gonna be a bunch of other people in the same situation either with/without a rm...... you may not end up at a close hotel but you should be able to find a spot.

Transmute Jun:
I got a great room in May last year... but it involved a lot of luck. Here's what happened.

You know how there are badge resales? Well there are hotel room resales too. The difference is, these resales aren't advertised. They are resales of hotel rooms that people either didn't book when they were first offered, or had to cancel. The first deadline is May 4 (for a full refund). A couple of days after that, CCI will quietly put the refunded rooms up for resale. IIRC from last year, it wasn't even announced on the CCI hotel page.

So how do you find out about this? Well last year I participated in the hotel lottery and wasn't assigned anything. My friend was assigned a Mission Valley room we didn't want/didn't book. So both of us were on an email list that was sent out informing everyone that there were resale hotel rooms.

I happened to be on my email at the time the message came in and immediately went to book. All of the downtown hotels were there, at the cheap Con rates! Now don't ask me how many rooms there were for each one, but all of the hotels had some rooms that had been refunded.

So my advice, if you want a resale hotel room, is to participate in the sale tomorrow, but don't book anything. Then make sure you are constantly checking your email from May 5 on.


your other option will be to see who might need a roommate because a friend flaked out on them plus odds are good that someone is bound to cancel their reservations by the 5/4 deadline. 


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