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Long Beach Comic Expo | May 12, 2012

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Anyone else going? I'll most likely go pending on when my finals are the week after.

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Consider volunteering at the con. A good friend of mine did it, and she had a blast. Because it's a small convention, there's definitely a different sense of community (as compared to the larger SDCCI one, which is awesome in its own way).  ^_^d

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I'd rather pay the $15 to maximize my time there, as you have to work half the con as a volunteer. Its not like we have to pay SDCC prices...

*nod nod* Ah, yes, that's true.  I guess it really depends on what each person likes to do at con. ^_^;

The Long Beach Comic Expo is *very* small (one small ballroom), but it is very slick and very well put together.  However for me personally, it was not worth the drive from San Diego as a back issue collector with them only having 5 or so comic vendors.  If I lived closer, I would definitely check it out.

The Long Back Comic Con full show in Nov is a *great* show for the comic collector and reminded me of a much smaller version of what CCI was back in the day. 


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