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Philadelphia Comic-Con May 31-June 3 2012.

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Andrew Costa Mesa:
Heard that the cast of "The Evil Dead" will be there.  I probably would have gone had I not secured a badge for THE Comic-Con in San Diego!  I especially would have loved to meet Ellen "Cheryl" Sandweiss in person.  I already have a big bill to pay for a downtown hotel in San Diego so Philadelphia is out of the question.

Transmute Jun:
Will Bruce Campbell be there? He would be great to see!

I suspect Sam Rami won't show up, but Ted Raimi might.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Andrew Costa Mesa:
Yes, Bruce and the entire cast will be there.  I don't know about Sam Rami though.

I saw the Bruce panel last year and it was hilarious. Too bad I cant make it this year since I live a short train ride away from this but I actually managed to get a stand-up gig in NYC!

Transmute Jun:
Oh, this sounds like so much fun! I hope they do something for Comic Con...


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