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Your plans for Free Comic Book Day?

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I think i may drive to my fav comic store, Jetpack comics in Rochester NH, an hr and a half away, then go see the Avengers movie in a big theater.

Bert Su:
I'm getting Transformers 80.5. Me and some friends signed a petition for IDW to continue the original Transformers continuity.  At last year's Comic Con, they agreed to do it.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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In all the years I've known about Free Comic Book day I've never actually gone. Something always comes up on that Saturday XD I want to go this year tho! And there's a new comic store near my house that's doing it :)

I've always gone to the sm grumpy store in town, but they're grumpy....:-( plus they don't really have a big event vib going, not like my fav store down state.

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I can't see anything local that may be fun to attend, I may have to take a drive to find some good goings-on. And then see the Avengers afterwards, like Alyssa  8)


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