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Jim Watari:
You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginThat film is such a legit _great_ film: director Marin Brest went from BEVERLY HILLS COP in the early 80's to MIDNIGHT RUN in the late 80's and those two films are genre-defining R-rated action films.  And what makes both of them damned-near perfect is the casting top-to-bottom from the stars to the co-stars.  With MIDNIGHT RUN the chemistry between bounty hunter De Niro and his criminal Grodin (an accountant who embezzled money from the mob & donated a lot of it to charity while slipping bail after getting caught) is so freaking solid!  Not only do you have those to juggernauts, but the film also starred:
* Yaphet Koto (from ALIEN) as an FBI agent trying to bring Grodin's character in on Federal charges
* John Ashton (Taggert, the older cop from BEVERLY HILLS COP) as a rival bounty hunter
* Dennis Farina (from GET SHORTY, MANHUNTER, and a slew of other cop/mob movies) as the Chicago mob boss out to assassinate Grodin
* Joey Pantoliano (Cypher from THE MATRIX, Ralph from "The Sopranos" among a TON of amazing roles) as the bail bondsman who hires De Niro

It's almost a murderer's row of incredible character actors!  MIDNIGHT RUN is a film that if I see it playing somewhere (especially on cable, where the R-rated buddy comedy/action film doesn't lose its edge) I will absolutely drop what I'm doing and watch it the rest of the way, regardless of where the film is!

Sorry; I too saw MIDNIGHT RUN in theaters back when I was in middle school and I've always loved that film that brings the action set-pieces, comedy, and legit drama (for ex, De Niro coming to terms with his ex-wife and teenage daughter whom he left).  Such a great film: the type of film they don't make so much anymore

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and a great Danny Elfman soundtrack too

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Loginand a great Danny Elfman soundtrack too

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YES!  It really is a wonderful score: kinda atypical of what most people think of Danny Elfman style with the bluesy guitar & horns!

Friends of Comic Cons:
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--- Quote ---sdcomicfest We regret to inform you that our dear friend Gene Henderson has passed away at age 88.

Gene Henderson was one of a handful of people left in this world who had attended every single San Diego Comic-Con since the very beginning. His contributions to the world of comics were felt over the course of half a decade. Gene served on Comic-Con's Board of Directors for over 20 years. He helped create the Russ Manning Award and helped to start the Orange County Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Show.

In 2017 San Diego Comic Fest was proud to have Gene Henderson as our Fan Guest of Honor. He was a beloved member of the comic community and he will be missed.

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Joanne Linville.

She played a Romulan commander in “Star Trek" (TOS)

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Andrew Costa Mesa:
Film Director Richard Donner, who got his big break with "The Omen" (1976), then went on to direct Mario Puzo's "Superman" (1978) with Christopher Reeve, as well as "The Toy" (1982) with Richard Pryor, then Steven Spielberg's "The Goonies" (1985), the "Lethal Weapon" franchise (1987-98) with Mel Gibson, "Conspiracy Theory" (1997), also with Gibson and "16 Blocks" (2006) with Bruce Willis, passed away today.  He was 91.  This is a pic I took of him posing with a fan at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood in 2013 after a showing and Q&A of "The Omen."

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