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Ultimate Superhero Pairings!

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Transmute Jun:
A friend of mine showed me this site. Too funny!

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Ha ha, that's hilarious!  Some of the partnerships are really funny.  Thanks for sharing, Transmute!

Speaking of which, what superheroes do you think should work together, and why?
Which is your favorite partnership pairing?

Forum Housekeeping:
Renamed thread from "The Brave and the Bold - Ultimate Pairings!" to "Ultimate Superhero Pairings!"
(To clarify the topic as being about different superheroes working together.)

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Transmute Jun:
The site's name is the Brave and the Bold (the original 100 covers or so were of that line), which is why I used it for the title.

As for superhero pairings, I think whatever combo you come up with, it's been done on that site! I must have gone back 20 pages or so... it's amazing!

@Transmute: I know, but I figured it could help stir up some conversation if the thread title was a bit more open. ^_~ Like I wrote before, it's a good find!

Transmute Jun:
Yeah, if you dig there, it's amazing what you find! I even found Batman/Groo and Batman/Jack Bauer!


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