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this thread is for people who still need a badge, maybe just a single day or all 4 days.
I have found that working together can be *very* helpful.  Here's what I suggest;

Identify a group of people who are trustworthy and are willing to work together.

Agree to buy badges for each other & repayment terms

Set up a way of notifying people abt badge activity (emails, badge sale happening etc)

For this to work, everyone needs to be online trying to get a low number.  Assuming there are 12 people and 12 badges needed,  and one low number log on can buy 6 badges than only 2 low number log on's are needed.  But those two people will need support from everyone.  When i was a low number, i had the person I was buying for call me with their credit card. 

Here is a email exchange i recently had with CCI;

May 10th,
Assuming there is a sale, can you tell me if badges already bought by and individual prior to that sale will be refunded in the eventuality of them getting a four day pass?

In other words, if someone has two single days and buys a four day at the refund sale, will those two singles get refunded? Or will they take a loss?


the response on May 11th,
Hi Alyssa,

That is correct.  If an attendee currently holds single day badges and later purchases a 4day badge at our next badge sale, the single days will be automatically refunded.

*name redacted for privacy issues*

While i'm not absolutely positively sure this is the way it'll be, it sure is good news for those people looking to upgrade!

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Oh, that's good news for the people wanting to upgrade and/or are missing days.  Thanks for the update!


Transmute Jun:
What a great idea to start a group, Alyssa! That's what we did back in March and it worked out very well for us.

Chris Hagish:
I hear this is always looking for new members.  You would have to give a few things up to join them tho


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