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Hi. I don't understand this question and answer from the toucan tip on the Comic Con website. Any help would be appreciated.

If I have a wristband, decide not to wait overnight, and do not have a friend hold my spot, will I still get in to the first panel?
Yes! As long as you return prior to 7:30 AM you will receive priority seating. You will however, be at the end of the wristband line. 

I have a group of 2 people including myself. If me and my brother were to wait until Friday night to get the wristbands and leave to get a rest for the next day Saturday. We have Saturday tickets. If we come back before 7:30am Saturday morning, will we be guaranteed into Hall H for the first panel? It says we will receive "priority seating". But will be at the end of the wristband line. What does that mean?

It means you line up at the end of the people with wristbands line. Only the first 6000 people or so will have wristbands.

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Priority because IF you are back by 7:30am, then you will be seated before everyone in line without a wristand.

Who'd want to miss all the fun of condensing at 6am Saturday morning?!  FWIW Here's my group in D last year as we moved up to chute You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login  I left after 645 am
(our position here )
and took some of those pics on the way back from the hotel.

from You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

--- Quote ---So it sounds like there will be a general mixed-colored-wristbands section at the very end that those who don’t have friends holding their spots who chose to sleep in the warm comfort of their beds can join.
--- End quote ---

Anyone know if it's a good idea to start lining up for the Saturday panels in Hall H? I went on the HallHline on Twitter on there are already people in line right now.


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