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Hall H line for Saturday help

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Anyone know what time comic con is supposed to let people form a line for Hall H for Saturday's panels tomorrow? I guessing sometime in the morning? How was it today? What time did the line start for Friday's Hall H Panels today? Soon after they starting letting people in for today's Hall H panels? Thanks for the info. Sorry for all these questions. I'm a noobie for the Saturday comic con day.

You can line up for Saturday now behind Adult Swim area. The area separated from the Friday lineup, which runs currently to Seaport Village at 1050pm.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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"Next Day Line Place Holding Policy: People in line for the Next Day Hall H wristbands may save space for no more than five (5) additional people. Any additional persons beyond those five (5) will be asked to leave and rejoin the end of the line."

Not like it would have been useful to post this policy *before* the con started.

And how will they expect to enforce this policy? It's almost like they're only making rules to make themselves look good. ::)


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