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Two-minute video of mllNY honoring Jopari at Breakfast meet-up.

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Andrew Costa Mesa:
mllNY honoring Jopari at the Breakfast Meet Up at the Broken Yolk in San Diego on Wednesday, July 8, 2015, for all the good work he's done for Friends of CCI.

The video clip is unlisted on YouTube, meaning only those with access to the link can view this video.  This is for those who don't have access to Facebook.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.


Friends of Comic Cons:
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So embarrassing lol. /sigh

Thank you Michael and everyone who signed my card, and to those who contributed to the gift card!

Again i feel that everyone in this community is helping. It's a group effort.
As time passes, it gets more difficult for just one, or a few people to make a big difference.
Every single one of us needs to work together more each year.

I'm starting to see stuff done by others here with spreadsheets that makes my own efforts look like chicken scratch.
Some Guides done in video or screenshot form that make my own guides feel like the US tax code in comparison (aka, difficult to understand).

The amount of time and research being put into offsite events and exclusives, and meetups and lineups,  was incredible this year. and I had no part in any of that.
Anyways. I do appreciate the honor. But i look forward to giving honor to everyone else here who has been putting in the effort to help our community also.


Transmute Jun:
Jopari you are right that there are a lot of people who pitch in and help here, but you in particular have touched so many of us with your technical expertise. We just wanted to let you know that you are very much appreciated!

(And we're selfish too. We want you to stick around and help us in the future.  >:D )

I wasnt there but i agree with this video! Thanks Jopari and everyone else that helps us manage it all

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