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I saw Diane and Jeremy at the DC Universe Panel (and VERY happy to hear we are getting a season 2 of Doom Patrol!!!!) So assumed they were the ones signing. I'd have been happy to meet them and have a signature but indeed disappointing a few more of the cast like April (at the party but. not the signing or panel is weird but... contracts? schedule? who knows).  I missed out on the doom patrol lithograph poster they were giving away to DC members on Thurs too. By the time I found out they were only giving out Titans posters to DC Members and meh. 

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginIf you trying to get an autograph ticket on the exhibition floor when it opens up forget it, usually vendors and friends of vendors will be in line when you get down there. I’ve been in line way up front to get onto the floor and when I arrive at booth line is capped already. So try for autographs up in Sails pavilion.
I gave up on getting autographs on the exhibition floor a couple of years ago for the same reason. I haven't had any luck with the lottery raffle either. Fingers crossed this year!

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