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SDCC 2016 Hotel Waitlist Info (as of 5/26/2016)
« on: May 26, 2016, 05:17:30 AM »
Comic-Con Hotels Waitlist Emails Begin Wednesday, June 1st!

If you requested to be put on the Hotels waitlist during our original sale on April 5th, here’s some important information for you: Comic-Con International and onPeak will begin offering rooms to the waitlist on Wednesday, June 1.

Before the waitlist process begins on June 1st, onPeak will be sending out an email with general information to people who requested to be put on the waitlist.

Note: If you have an Early Bird reservation, do NOT use the Waitlist process. Early Bird reservations are non-refundable. Waitlist options with full refund are only available to participants of the Comic-Con Hotel Sale from April 5th, 2016.


Important things to Know If You Receive a Waitlist Email

Deposits: You will need to provide a deposit equal to two (2) nights’ room rate plus tax for each reservation at the time of booking. If applicable, refunds for canceled rooms may take up to 10 days to show a credit on your account. Please make sure you have enough funds on your credit card or in your bank for the two (2) nights’ deposit before you begin, or use an alternate form of payment. Please see additional information at the bottom of this page.

Please do NOT cancel your current reservation before it is your turn on the waitlist. Rooms offered on the waitlist are limited.

If you do book a new room during the wait list process you will need to cancel your previous reservation that same day. You will need to have the following Information available in order to cancel your old reservation:

onPeak ID number from your original and new confirmation emails
The email address(es) associated with those reservations
A phone number where we can reach you if necessary

How Waitlist Priority Is Determined:

Waitlist priority is determined by the same timestamp used when you accessed the original housing request form on April 5th.

How the Waitlist Process Works:

Waitlist process will begin on Wednesday, June 1st.  Please check your email daily for at least 10 business days for an email from Comic-Con 2016 Housing. The email will come from this address: [email protected]

Waitlisted guests will be emailed in small batches about newly available rooms. Guests will have 48 hours to take advantage of this opportunity. Once the 48 hours have expired, access to the website will be closed to this group and the next group of waitlisted guests will be emailed.

A password is required to access the booking site.  This password will be provided in the body of the email mentioned above and will expire in 48 hours.

Only guests on the waitlist should have access to these rooms.  If a guest shares the link or if a room is booked from someone not on the waitlist, that reservation is subject to cancellation with penalties and without notice.

Guests will be allowed to book only as many rooms as requested on April 5th.  Reservations over that number will be subject to cancellation.

All reservations require a deposit equal to two (2) nights’ room rate plus tax at the time of booking.  No exceptions can be made.

To receive a refund on a previously held reservation, guests need to complete a form to cancel their old reservation on the same date the new reservation is made. 

--The link to the cancellation form will be in the body of the email referenced above.

--Once the cancellation form has been submitted, guests will receive a cancellation email within 2 business days. Refunds will occur within the next 10 business days.

--Note: The original reservation must be part of the Comic-Con Hotel Sale, not the Early Bird Sale. All Early Bird reservations are non-refundable. Please check the Hotel Policies on your confirmation email.

--If a guest fails to cancel their old reservation, both reservations are subject to cancellation with penalties and without notice.

Once the 48-hour booking window expires, additional waitlisted guests will be emailed to take advantage of the waitlist opportunity.

Waitlist emails will continue to be sent until rooms are sold out or the waitlist has been completed, whichever comes first.

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