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Hi there! So I have never really cosplayed before, but this year, I am looking to dabble!

I have decided on going on Tina Belcher and I am trying to make a purse, out of one of those wooden, latched, boxes from Michael's. I got the box, has a top latch and 2 bottle hinges. Opens full. I am putting in some high hooks and chains in the top four corners, on the latch side, to make sure it only opens at a certain degree. Going to make some kind of catch lining along the bottom opening so stuff doesn't fall out of the sides. I MAY line it with something, but looking for just simplicity.

So here are my questions:

What is the best way/thing to line the inside of a box with, for a purse. Material doesn't even really matter and it won't affect the outside. (the outside will be painted)

What hardware do you recommend to attach to the top of the box, for a long strap. I am thinking of using chain, but now that i'm thinking of all day wear... Maybe too uncomfortable to wear all day...

Would you put the hardware on each side of the opening, lengthwise? I am not sure  how/where to even attach the correct hardware.

So what kind of strap should I have?

I am looking for maximum comfort!

Interesting project! I'm thinking of something garterize or of denim material. You can also try fine wires with colorful insulation to complete the look.

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