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SDCC 2017 Cosplay Plans/Progress

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I'll be going as green arrow from
The show.

My first time
Cosplaying ever. Super excited!

AW SNAP! First part of my cosplay arrived yesterday :)

Friends of Comic Cons:
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DH is bringing the custom made Legion tracksuit that he had made. He wore it in Houston, and it was so comfortable, he says he will wear it every con! I don't do elaborate cosplays, and I don't have luggage room to do much at SDCC, so I don't know that I will do anything this year (except I may put together a Legion tracksuit). I do a lot of the "everyday cosplay" type outfits.

Although-I have a lab coat, safety glasses, and a Liv Moore ID badge....

I decided to buy the pants component of one of my costumes instead of making them... and the fit is spectacularly horrible. I'll probably spend as much time fixing them as I would have just making them from scratch. Oh well. One step forward, two steps back...

I finally finished Peter Parker's homemade Spiderman costume!

Here's hoping that I don't get a heatstroke under that mask


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