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So, I've read and re-read the costume weapons policy for 2016 (with the understanding that it might still be changed or updated for 2017), and I have a question. I've cosplayed for years at the Con but I've never had a costume where the weapon was an important part of it before.

I'm planning on bringing the Buffy Slayer scythe replica and creating a harness for it so that it's worn on my back and doesn't really protrude more than an inch or two past my body on any side. The replica itself is heavy but not sharp and I'm totally willing to zip-tie it into the harness so that it can't be removed (to comply with the "swords must not be able to be drawn" section of the policy, even though it's not a sword).

My question is for anyone who has cosplayed SDCC with a weapon before: do you think this will be a problem?

And secondly - do you have to get cleared and tagged by security each day? Or could I go to the inspection desk Thursday, get the weapon tagged and myself wristbanded, and then wear the harness and weapon Saturday as well without getting re-inspected?

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

2016 weapons policy here for reference: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Interesting questions! 

I read through the guidelines and am of no help.  And my daughter is now bummed about her Wonder Woman sword and says she won't bother to make one for me (Hippolyta).

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@TardisMom Oh no! FWIW, I'm pretty sure the rules only apply inside the Convention Center and satellite programming rooms like Indigo, so she could still have the sword out for pictures out front or on the Marina or wherever. I was planning to 'wield' the scythe to get some cool pictures outside.

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Yes, we'll see how far she gets on all the props.  I imagine the "outside time" will be more fun, anyway :).  Looking forward to seeing your outfit and props!

Probably won't be a problem but they were really strict last year and wanted to tie everything down.


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