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Just thought Id start a post in regards to my Costume i have planned for Comic-con this year. Its a Daft punk crossover with Starlord, Styles and weapons of Starlord with a Daft punk flare. Ill keep updates posted on this thread when it comes into circle, so far i have the guns and the helmet. Need to repaint the guns and the Helmet to match, also redo the lights on the helmet.

Transmute Jun:
I had never heard if daft punk, so I Googled it. I was surprised to see that DaftPunk is a band! But when I saw their helmets I knew immediately what you were thinking of doing. Sounds like it will be a great costume!

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Sounds awesome!

lol yeah People hear their music but don't know the faces. Hopefully it gets done Right, that's my dream

To make your cosplay even more outstanding, you can carry around a beats pill that plays their most popular songs. I've seen a few duos that have done that in addition to a Starlord that carries around a walkman with an "awesome mix" playing.


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