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I agree with the consensus. I change in the hotel and walk/take a shuttle to the convention center. The restrooms are filthy, so I wouldn't even change my mind in there.

If you're lucky, you MAY find an empty conference room to change in during the wee-early hours of the show, but those opportunities are few and far between... especially with "Elite" patrolling the halls. It would be nice if they turned one of the empty rooms into a cosplay locker room. I know there are a few conventions that have something similar.

THaks guys and gals.

I just want to make the experience great for my son. Taking a 15 min shuttle ride in his stormie outfit where he can't sit might not be the most comfortable.

How about the nearby hotels?

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How about the nearby hotels?

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Same deal. There are restrooms (sometimes nicer and quieter restrooms) but no specific cosplay changing areas. Can you guys ride over to the convention center in just your undersuits and then put on your armor pieces in a restroom or quiet corner? (I'm not 100% sure how stormtrooper suits work, so apologies if this isn't possible.)

The restrooms in the new expansion of the Marriott Marquis Marina were clean last year, but that could be because they opened the facility just before SDCC.

I've seen people adjusting/putting on cosplay on the landing of the steps on the front of the convention center, in the Sails area and the outside hall between Sails and the entrance near Ballroom 20. I second that the bathrooms were nice last year at the Marriott and there was also ample hallway space out in front of the Anime rooms. If you're layering and not worried about people passing by these seem to be roomier and possibly cleaner than the bathrooms! *I'm surprised SDCC hasn't created a Cosplay space where people can do these things, I know space is limited but almost all of the local conventions I go to have one and I believe even NYCC implemented a Cosplay room and "safe" space last year! You may even see if you can reach out to the 501st and see if they'd let you use their space, can't hurt to ask!


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