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Guidelines for Photo Area, Please read


This is a place to link to your cosplay photos or show us a link to a gallery of cosplay photos you've taken.

(This means that you'll have to upload your photo to PostImage.org, Photobucket, TinyPic, ImageShack, or another photo-uploading website.)

Please try to use the URL/hyperlink tag to link to your photos.  (Or, you can just copy and paste the link, and the forum will automatically change it to a hyperlink.) Hopefully it'll help with scrolling down the page and looking through many posts and pictures later on.

If you're using the "Full" reply page, there's an icon with the little globe.  That's the URL tag.

If you're using the Quick Reply at the bottom of the thread, you can use the following code--

URL tag:
[ url]direct link to your photo goes here[ /url]
Just remember to remove the spaces in-between.

Or, you can just copy and paste the link.  The forum automatically changes it to a hyperlink by itself.

Good luck on your cosplays!  ^_^  Looking forward to seeing them.

(Thank you Zero for the wording!)


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