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Anyone use 3D printers to make cosplay costumes?


With the recent availability of low cost large volume 3D printers, it's possible to print things like helmets as one big complete item instead of gluing together a bunch of little pieces.  Does anyone here use 3D printers to make their outfits?

I have never used them. But I know last year when I was figuring out my Fallout 4 cosplay people were selling 3D printed Vault Suit accessories and Pip-Boys. I even came across instructions/files/codes so that you could print the Pip-Boy yourself.

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There's a lot of stuff to think about when you try to print one big piece, so I still prefer to print in small pieces

You need to worry about "overhangs" which means printing filler material so that the helmet doesn't fall apart while printing. It's a big waste of filament and after the print is done, you need to remove that filler material which is a huge pain.


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