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please help me glue a beard to my face

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guys. I am looking for ways to glue a fake goatee to my face for a "Master Roshi" cosplay from Dragonball Z. spirit gum is not an option because they don't sell it where I live. I think of using eyelash glue but I don't know if it will last for very lo g. can anybody please help

Spirit gum sucks anyways.  You should use pros-aide.  Out of curiousity, where do you live that you can't buy or have spirit gum or pros-aide shipped to you?

If this is for SDCC, I bet you can buy spirit gum or pros-aide in the exhibit hall.

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I live in South Africa in Gauteng. if looked for spirit gum everywhere but I can't find it

Like I said, pros-aide is better.  Looks like there are three authorized distributors in South Africa:

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thank you so much. really I appreciate it with all my heart


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