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What did everyone think?

I attended The Following and was a little disappointed by how things were handled. I know it was a long line and in the main autograph area but you barely had anytime to talk to them. By the time I was 1/2 down the table, the security (?) guy basically  just told me to take one of the signed posters and move along.

I know Teen Wolf was held in a room. I actually ended up giving that to a friend so she could get something signed by a friend who's a huge fan but has medical issues and actually had to leave the Con or something like that. I made her day though and that was worth it.

I didn't feel rushed in the Robot chicken room. I got to take pictures of all four of them and they got to take pictures of me. the line was long but I made sure to get there early.

I wonder how they decided which signings were held in rooms and which weren't? 

The Person of Interest was handled the same way.  I get that for the bigger shows and  higher profile casts they wouldn't want to have the signings done in a separate room - it would be a mob and too chaotic.  But the thing I really didn't get was getting shuffled through the line, watching them sign your mini poster, then handing you a pre-signed one to take from a stack at the end.  What was wrong with the one they were signing right in front of you?  The whole thing felt completely impersonal enough, and that little detail just made it all seem completely pointless. 

I didn't expect to be in a room with a cast and 100 other fans mingling and hanging out with the cast.  But I also didn't expect to feel like cattle being ushered through the gate and back out into the field.  Barely got one good pic off and it was only of 3 of the 6 cast members sitting there before I was barked at to put my camera away and move along.  Glad I have a poster with signatures of the cast but it barely feels any different than winning a pre-signed photo and having it sent to me in the mail.

I see the photos taken by people from the Robot Chicken and Venture Bros. signings and I'm jealous... which seems very backwards.

I actually think putting higher profile signings in a room would be BETTER for everyone. The only people who would know about it would most likely be the people with the signing tickets. I know an issue I saw were people trying to come up the side aisle (the one we would go down after the signing) to take photos. I don't think it's a huge issue but when you start getting a few people standing there, then it's an issue. I saw someone arguing with a staff member how some people were being told it was OK to do and others were being told to move along.


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