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By now everyone has seen this cover:

(There's something wrong with this image by the way.  Can you spot it?)

In an effort to expand everyone's comic book appreciation horizons, please post links to comic art you like.  It can be covers, sketches, whatever.  The idea here is to give new people a place to start and veterans new ideas in what to collect.  It can be stuff people have seen a million times or new stuff that is new to most.  The comic book database is a good place for covers:  You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

I'll go first.  Here is an image of Black Widow by J. Scott Campbell.  I love the way he captured the Iron Man 2 head tilt from the movie:

Is that a UK cover? 15p?

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Yup, that's part of it.  There's a difference between the UK and US versions.

I could start posting a boatload, but I'll just pop up one of my faves.

Walt Simonson's run on Thor is one of the best runs in comics (IMHO) and the introduction of Beta Ray Bill was a great story.

This cover is really neat, not just cause of how he draws, but that he also involved the title bar and such in the image...the "breaking" of the letters and all that.  It's one of my fave covers all around.  So much so I got it CGC graded :)  Enjoy. - M

Horse-Thor!  :) Good call.  Alyssa is going to like this one.

I'll post the answer to mine if no one guesses in 24 hours.


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