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Please use this thread to discuss all things related to non-convention exclusive Super7 toys :)

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ReAction Figures Return To Super7

For immediate release
November 10th, 2016
San Francisco, Ca.
Super7 Retail, Inc. and Funko, LLC are pleased to announce that, effective immediately, Super7 Retail will resume designing, manufacturing, and distributing ReAction Figures and related merchandise. Since 2013, Super7 has partnered with Funko to release the ReAction line to great success.  Super7 will build on that success by debuting a variety of new and exciting ReAction Figures in the coming months and years.  Funko will continue to focus on growing its core lines of pop culture-licensed collectibles and apparel into 2017 and beyond, including developing an all-new line of action figures produced solely by Funko.  Super7 invites inquiries from wholesalers, retailers and licensees regarding Super7's  full-line of ReAction Figures.

1/1: Stickied in replacement of the MattyCollector / Mattel thread.

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Greetings MOTU Friends -

Thanks for being patient with us! The pre-sale for Super7's new MOTU products will be open at the Super7 Webstore for 2 weeks beginning at Noon PST on Wednesday (16th) until Midnight PST on Wednesday, November 30th.

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He-Man, Skeletor, Faker, Teela, and Ram Man deluxe, 7-inch tall, highly articulated and fully posable action figure including a host of accessories and interchangeable parts. Each super detailed Ultimate figure is sculpted by the Four Horsemen and comes packaged in a brand new blister package featuring new artwork inspired by the iconic vintage Masters of the Universe toys. These are made to order, pre-sale items.

The all new Masters of the Universe Vintage Collection continues with full-color, cartoon accurate characters from Super7's new animation, "The Curse of the Three Terrors"! The MOTU Vintage Collection Set is an authentically detailed vintage-style Masters of the Universe set of four action figures, standing 5.5-inch tall with soft plastic armor and accessories. Each Vintage Collection action figure is packaged in a traditional MOTU-shaped blister on a vintage-accurate card.

The Masters of the Universe Soft Vinyl Collection reimagines MOTU as a line 1980's Japanese Soft Vinyl figures! Specialty 5" tall action figure, sculpted by Gargamel and manufactured individually by hand in Japan using premium quality vinyl. The made-to-order Vintage Toy edition is painted to match the original 1980s toys. Each soft vinyl figure is articulated at the waist and shoulders, and is packaged in a custom window box with accessory. These are made to order, pre-sale items.

The Masters of the Universe 3.75" Retro Action Figure line continues with the Temple of Darkness Sorceress! Straight from the pages of the Temple of Darkness Mini-Comic, this exclusive white costume Sorceress action figure features five points of articulation and staff accessory, and is packaged on period authentic blister card with artwork by Jason Edmiston. Now you can relive all the exciting action of Masters of the Universe!

We're also happy to announce that our next new releases for the brand new MOTU Classics line will be unveiled in December.

Let the fun begin!

By the Power of Grayskull!

- The Super7 Crew

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Masters of the Universe Ultimates Pre-Order FAQ

Question: Where are my Masters of the Universe Ultimates and when will I get them?

As we explained before and during the pre-sale, the MOTUC Ultimates are a made to order release and due to arrive and ship in the Spring once production is completed.


Question: Will the MOTUC Ultimates be available in the future?
The Ultimates are a made to order release. Any inventory that might remain after orders ship (from cancellations, etc.) will be made available in the Super7 webstore.


Question: What is going on with the refunds for MOTUC Ultimates International shipping?

The partial refunds for International shipping have all been issued.


Question: Can I still pre-order or add to my existing pre-order for the MOTUC Ultimates?

No. The MOTUC Ultimates are a made to order release with production based on the orders received during the pre-order open time. Sorry.


Question: Can I cancel my MOTUC Ultimates pre-order?

As of January 4, 2017 we cannot accept cancellations beause the production order is based upon the pre-sale orders. Sorry.


Question: Will the Masters of the Universe Filmation and Classics lines continue?

Yes, the Classics and Filmation lines will continue. Look for an announcement soon!


Question: Thundercats?? Thundercats!? Thundercats?!

We are working hard to secure the rights to continue the Thundercats line. We hope to have an announcement soon!


The right hand of doom... YES!  O0

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You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginThe right hand of doom... YES!  O0

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--- End quote ---
Found a pic here from NYCC, Lobster Johnson!!!

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