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ECCC 2024: February 29 - March 3

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Transmute Jun:
ECCC has announced its dates for 2024. The con is once again in its traditional timeslot of the first weekend in March (starting on Leap Day).

Who is planning to attend?

I really miss mid-march.  Looks like ECCC is no longer a con I can attend. 

I am really bummed.  I love how relaxed it is and they get high-quality panels.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Transmute Jun:
Yeah, I was surprised that they did not make it the following weekend.

Transmute Jun:
ECCC Badges will be on sale August 23 (VIP and Superfan pre-sale) and August 24 (general sale). Who is going?

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Transmute Jun:
Got our VIP badges and hotel reservations for ECCC 2024! So excited!


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