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What are you gonna pick up wednesday?

Amazing Spiderman 683
Wolverine & the X-men 8
Secret Avengers 24 (forgot to get this last week)
Action Comics 8
Animal Man 8
Swamp Thing 8
Detective Comics 8 (maybe)

Bert Su:
Action and Detective Comics, like always.

Bert Su:
You can view the list of comic books coming out this week You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login.

This week, I plan to get:

Green Lantern #8
Batman & Robin #8
Arkham City Unhinged #1
Batman No Man's Land vol. 2

Smoke and Mirrors #2
Danger Girl Revolver #3

Batman and Robin #8
Batwoman #8
Green Lantern #8
Saga #2
Thief of Thieves #3
Avenging Spiderman #6
Deadpool #53
Fantastic Four #605
Secret Avengers #25
Secret Service #1
Ultimate Comics X-men #10

Forum Housekeeping:
Merged the two comic book day threads together.

In this way, we have a nice place to post about what's what for each new comic book day.



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