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Spam, Registration questions?

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We've been getting some spam posts on the forum.  The spammers seem to be humans not bots.
I've been banning their IP addresses & host names.

The registration process has been answering two simple questions and one CAPTCHA set on easy.
I've reset the CAPTCHA to Medium. 

I need some help with the questions, currently the two questions are;

"Which city hosted SDCC in 2010?" and "What month is SDCC held in?"

I am drawing a blank for new questions, they need to be obvious to SDCC folk but not to the general population. If you can think of anything, please post suggested questions but not the answers. <grin>

What is the name of the Wednesday that SDCC starts?

When is the last day of SDCC?

Biggest hall for seating? (need better wording)

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Transmute Jun:
Who is Stan Lee? ;-)

How many days does the convention run?

What is the name of the costume contest?

Captcha are easier to read for a computer than a human :)

I would use questions that there is a unique unambiguous answer. (and verify it without case sensitivity)

Those might be ambiguous:

> How many days does the convention run?
is it 4.5? 4? 5?
> Biggest hall for seating?
Hall H? H?
> Who is Stan Lee?
Too many possible answers.

Some questions I would suggest:
> On what day the Masquerade takes place?
> The awards for comic book industry given at comic con are the ______ Awards (maybe too hard and specific, since comic con is not much about comics :D)

I have no creativity with questions. But I like your suggestions


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