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Notifications to Text Messaging?

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You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginI think to You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login point, if we can get this working w/o the need for "extra stuff", and using a mail services' capabilities, it's less of a hassle. Folks that want to go the "extra mile" (like Thunderbird or O365) are more than welcome to do so.  But if we can vet this to work with OOTB capabilities, that's a win.

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I get it.  I thought when you said "the only reason I'm using O365 is cause Yahoo only allows you to set up forwarding when you pay for their Plus services", that you meant you were using outlook email because yahoo email does not allow forwarding for free.  Since free outlook email does support forwarding.  But now I know you meant outlook the client and not outlook the email service.

Gmail does have filters that allow for forwarding.  So that will work for this.  The gmail website is just not a portal to gmail the email service, it's basically a full fledged email client.  You can use it as a client for other email services.

I use Thunderbird as my email client anyways.  So for me there's no extra stuff.

Yup, and it looks like you can use the Subject field to accommodate the filtering you want, to set up individual filters to focus on specific threads.  This way you don't spam your phone w/text messages.
1 - Create the filter, placing in the subject the text of the thread title that you want to monitor for

2 - Forward it to your phone via the email address scheme earlier in the thread

I'm gonna play a lil more to see if I can clean up the messaging...but it looks like you can use the above to create a filter on the exchange thread using the title of the thread.

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