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Anyone thinking of not going now because of new COVID variant?

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This is currently my thought process right now especially with the meningitis like symptoms and after effects that a lot of people are experiencing. I had bronchitis and an URI this past winter (tested negative three times). That was terrible in itself. I was open to going a couple of months ago, because cases were relatively low and at least the SoCal people are still generally cautious. However, cases are on the rise, and there are people coming from EVERYWHERE including states and countries that don't mask very much. I'm in Amsterdam right now on my 5th day and have probably seen 4 people total who were masked despite cases rising here.

This isn't a mask, or a vax debate. I wear one. It can only protect you at a certain point because of varying factors. I'm fully vaxxed. However, especially seeing how little enforcement was going on at Wondercon, that's going to be nearly impossible to do with over 100,000 people. Security does not get paid nearly enough to engage with potentially volatile people. I just want to know if anyone is feeling the same way at this time. The only $$$ I'll be out of currently is my hotel with I'm splitting with a couple of other people, and then I'll have flight credit from Delta. As a frequent flier it will get used before the end of the year.

Actually, I am.  You aren't alone.  Since I'm local, I'm going to proceed right now as if I'm going like normal.  I have that luxury.  I have no hotel or flight to cancel.  I can just not go at the last minute.  The most likely thing I think I'll do at this point is do the offsites that I feel comfortable doing, those that are outside, and make a quick pass through the convention center for old times sake.

I like that plan. I live in LA, but I always get a hotel because commuting everyday seems like too much of a chore. I ended up not getting my badge after all because i was so on the fence and can help my friend out at his booth for a day badge. The least I would do is something akin to your plan.

I’m definitely worried about it, but at this point I’m fully committed with hotels and flights. Usually I get a ride from the airport from my parents after my trip, but I’ve arranged for other transportation so I don’t expose them. They’re taking care of my dogs, so I’ve just asked them to drop the dogs in my backyard once I’m home so we don’t interact.

I'm still going to go but I'm definitely now limiting what I do inside. Transmission risks are much lower outside and the weather forecast as of now looks like it's going to be very nice outside anyway.

People watching is one of the best aspects of con to me anyway :)


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