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Article about 2022 talk-back forum.

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Andrew Costa Mesa:
These are excerpts from today’s San Diego Union-Tribune about the first talk-back panel since the pandemic.  If my memory is correct, there was no talk-back forum at the last in-person con in 2019 because the person who conducted past forums passed away shortly before the 2019 con.  I’ll post a link here but I’ll also post excerpts in case the article is blocked by a paywall.

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Attendees were delighted with the return of an in-person convention but frustrated by line cutting, accessibility shortfalls and communications problems.

Catherine Murray, who has been attending Comic-Con for 22 years, traveled from New Mexico this year and waited six hours in a line designated for people with disabilities before being turned away. She said others that she knew waited 10 hours or more.

“I think they didn’t have enough people who knew what was going on,” said Murray about the convention staff. She suffers from severe arthritis, making the long wait painful. She would like to see a system to reduce the necessity of waiting in line without a guarantee of getting in.

People with disabilities have long criticized Comic-Con for discourteous treatment and insensitivity. One speaker pointed out that operators of large venues such as Disney and Universal have figured out how to accommodate people with disabilities without subjecting them to long lines and other difficult situations.

Yoshi, a Los Angeles resident who didn’t want to give her last name, has been attending Comic-Con since 2010. She got in line early, with just 50 or so people ahead of her. But then hordes began showing up to join those in front of her who were apparently holding their places.

“Hundreds of people cut in front of us throughout the day, in addition to it being hot and miserable,” she said. “I have been to other conventions where they put up tents along the line area” but security would not allow individual pop-up tents brought by those waiting.

Mixed messages also frustrated convention attendees, particularly contradictions between Comic-Con staff, volunteers and contract security personnel.

“You can talk to three people within a 15-foot space and all three will tell you something different,” an attendee told the panel.

Typical of the media to focus on the negative.

Tens of thousands of people converge on their city to have a good time, and they want to focus on the 15 - 20 that raised ADA/Hall-H issues.

But I guess that why they hired David Glanzer!!! 

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Saturday ADA went really smooth but we were front of line. Maybe farther back t.hings got rough

This is the info that excited me at the Talkback...

Pre Sale will be sometime in September or October.   :)

Not sure where to ask this, so this seemed like the at least a starting place...does anyone know if not having carpet in the walkways was brought up during the talkback?

My knees and feet were pounding after a couple of days walking on nothing but the concrete floor. I understand cutting costs or even not having the people-power to lay carpet in such a large building, but not having it this year was really noticeable and I really hope it was mentioned and will be addressed next year.

I'll likely email them about this, just to see, but always appreciate the input on this forum



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