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Got Covid!

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Got Covid anyone else. Went to funko funday and all day Saturday all H. Figure those didn’t help

I would be surprised if no one got it.

Of course there were the restrictions within the convention center (vaccinated, negative test, masks), but not in the hotels or gaslamp.

You feel sick or take a test? I’d be surprised if no one got it with that amount of people and some people not wearing masks inside. The new mutation is supposed to be more contagious. I didn’t try for either fundays or hall h.  I tried to stick to smaller things but that exhibit hall was semi crowded at times.

Hope you feel better soon.

A little sick then took test. Friends all pass test for now but feels something in throat

I was betting on myself getting it.  Tested myself yesterday after my final romp through the exhibit hall but came back negative.  Going to retest myself tomorrow.  I am fairly impressed a good amount of attendees maintained their masks.  Although exhibitors around the silver/bronze age comics section just seemed to not care after a while.


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