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it took me 20 min's just to get out of bed, I was so stiff this morning

Aw luckily I took the day off work and slept in then cleaned the bathroom and kitchen. Now doing tons of laundry. Still have to put away all my purchases and swag.  I booked a massage for later. I’m stiff too.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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i had an AMAZING time at SDCC this year. 2019 was going to be my final SDCC too. But after just going Thursday and Sunday, and of course fundays. I can't wait to get my 4 day badge for next year.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Loginit took me an 20 min's just to get out of bed, I was so stiff

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Join the club. The little earthquake helped me to get up.

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I don't think I slept long enough to have the muscles get stiff :D

This SDCC was all about the art this year and it did not disappoint...commissions and artist original art were top notch. I attended a few panels, and they were all well done, but the art is the standout for me.

Well, that and meeting Keanu Reeves :)


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