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Post your step counts here. My highest was almost 35k on Saturday.

Biggest day was Friday - we walked to the House of Blues for a concert.  Total was 81,728. But I  did work up to 15k/day in the weeks before, so it was on track with that. Glad I did prep!

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Oof. I wish I got 36,000 steps haha!

My Saturday was low because of Hall-H.

Highest was on Saturday at 23,492.... If I had known, I would've taken 8 more steps.

High of 55,239 on Wednesday
Low of 30,927 on Thursday

Not all of that is walking. I did run every morning before the con, with a minimum of 4 miles everyday, but 16 on Wednesday. I cut it close on Thursday, as I had 10 minutes left to get to 30k.


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