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The future of AI driven art.


Machine image synthesis has grown tremendously in the last year or two.  I'm sure many have seen examples of this in the media.  The big change that happened a month ago was that a Stability.Ai released a trimmed down version of their software to the public.  Previously the AI companies served as gatekeepers.  They regulated if and what images someone could asked to be generated.  Stability.Ai has done away with that moat.  Their software can run on very modest hardware.  They did more than make it publicly available, they made it open source.  It's AI image generation for all.

I'm curious what people make of all this.  Especially those involved in art.  I've heard opinions ranging from excitement over a new very powerful tool to anger and calls for it to be made illegal.

Just came across this:
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AI-driven artbook of pirate ships

The technology has taken off like a rocket ever since it went open source.  It's grown by leaps and bounds.  What once needed a A100 with 48GB of VRAM now can run in as little as 2GB of VRAM on a low end GPU.  Someone has even ported it over to their iphone.  A beefy iphone but an iphone no less.

It's just not the code optimization.  It's the applications.  Video was an obvious use but that was seen as something that would happen someday in the future.  Well that day is today.  People are already making animations using this technology.  It's gone from short 1-2 second sequences to minutes long ones in 2 months.  One powerful way to do it is to use existing video basically for motion cap and then re-render the scenes.  It currently has a 80's music video look to it but it will only get better.  It's only been 2 months.


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